Apr 14, 2004

Flip Review Request

Thanks for your interest in the Flip Review. Right now, the reviews are on hold until I can get a new computer that is not crappy. This will happen, I`m just not sure when exactly.

The `Flip Review` is way for me to keep my blog going, at the same time as providing a means for people learning animation to get specific suggestions on their work from an industry professional. There is no charge for this.

Some guidelines for requesting a review:
  • Standard definition or smaller Quicktime files are best. A Vimeo link to your video works well for me.
  • Any kind of animation is ok. An acting test, a physicality test, a game animation etc...
  • Any stage of animation is ok. Blocking through to lit and rendered. I will review the work and give suggestions appropriate to the stage of completion.
  • Short tests are preferred. I don't have the time to review short films. I will not exclude demo reels, but I will choose these for review much less frequently.
  • I will give preference to people not already participating in any online courses such as Animation Mentor, but will consider all requests.
If I am able to review your work, you have the choice to include your name and contact information at the head of the video, or remain anonymous if you wish.

Note: I can't guarantee a review just because you request it, but I will do my best to accomodate all requests I receive.


Nicole Ridgwell said...

This was incredibly useful, thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

Sudipto said...

Thats Awesome... You already have been doing some great stuff and this is no doubt the best thing... Superb...

yatin said...

Thats such gr8 idea... so awsome... and great learning opportunity for beginners.

Dapoon said...

This is mighty kind of you Cameron. You're providing a great opportunity for us to learn. I'm a huge fan of your work, and I would definitely be sending my shot for your review.

Thanks so much Cameron.

InsideAnimator said...

"Education MUST be free".i really appreciate and respect for what you doing.


Senthil said...

That's really awesome!! I am BIG fan of you cameron. Will post my shot soon.