Dec 21, 2006


So here's the section where you can find stuff to take away with you. I use this page as a way to organize any downloads, as they're usually wrapped up as part of a bigger blog post - so its good to get stuff in one clear area. There's not a bucket load on here yet... but it 'll fill up.

Note: These scripts are not fully tested for later versions of Maya ( 2010+ ). They should still work, but just so you know....

Maya script

A floating cinematic camera viewport that helps you animate like the Pros! If I could recommend only one script in my whole lifetime it would be this one :)

Download ShotView
Read the post that talks about it

Maya script

A re-written arc tracking tool for Maya, that offers a little more stability and predictability than the default Maya ones.

Download cMotionTrail
Read the post that talks about it

Maya script

A window that provides random words of wisdom from the animation masters in a single mouse click.
( This is the same as "RandoFlip" that you see on the blog, but for maya! )

Download animFood
Read the post that talks about it

Maya script

A tool that adds more functionality to translating stuff around in Maya.

Download moveRelative
Read the post that talks about it

Great Dane
Maya character rig

An amazing quadruped rig that my mate Goosh made before he jetted off to DreamWorks...

Download GreatDane
Read the post that talks about it

Tap Your Timing
Maya hotKey setup

A fast way of experimenting with your keyframe timing in Maya.

Read the post that shows you how to do it


Sean MacNeil said...

"hello back" ; )

Hey Cam, glad to see your blog is up. You've got some awesome posts here already man.

Take it easy bud,

Marin Petrov said...

Hello :)
And nice blog already!
Goosh told us about it :)

adxzun said...

hello back!...i like ur blog and i am glad i came across a blog like this..i am having a lot of trouble animating in 3d....phew

Anonymous said...

Easy Cam

This is very decent - looks amazing



Anonymous said...

oh, um...hi

Anonymous said...

I love the ShotView, very usefull. Thx for sharing this tool.

smearframe said...

thank you so much for Cmotion trail and shotview!

Omar said...

thanks a lot for the downloads!

uh maybe this is a dumb question but how do i get rid of the motion trail when i don't want to use it anymore or if i want to do a new one on the same control?