Jun 7, 2012


I am posting this despite the fact that I haven't actually yet seen it myself! but as a somewhat biased suggestion, I recommend you go and see it. I am taking my boys next week and I am really excited to see how it turned out.

Its funny how little you really see of the "final" thing when you're working on a show. The whole crew really only experiences it properly on that first screening, which is a truly electrifying and incredibly rewarding experience, even if it does only last 90 minutes! I wasn't able to get back to the bay area for the crew screening this time, and with hindsight I actually regret that a lot. 

I was lucky enough to work on this show as the animation lead for the new 'Gia' character. I can tell you now she was a real challenge. Madagascar 3 is without doubt the hardest animation project I have ever been a part of for multiple reasons and on multiple levels, but my memories of it remain untarnished. I learned a lot about what it takes to animate a female character, especially with a particularly challenging design, and challenging character! I actually wish I had got chance to do more shots with her, but luckily enough, as you would expect, some absolutely wonderful work was done with her by other animators of the Mad3 crew, particularly by those of the DW India studio in Bangalore. 

I remember being heavily inspired by the first Madagascar film, so it was a real treat to work on the show, and if any of you are reading this, the pleasure was all mine in working with you guys to bring this one to the screen.

So.. my colleagues tell me it turned out very well... the best Madagascar yet by far, so I cannot wait to see it!


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Hey Cameron !

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