Apr 5, 2011

Flip Review no.1

So I finally got around to doing the first video review. It was very interesting for me to do this, and it served as a good test to prove that I can easily do more of these in the future and hope to make it a regular part of the blog.

Remember that this is funded 100% by love and rainbows, and these reviews will be free if you're interested in sending something in to me. Click here to find out more, and to see the guidelines for submitting an animation for review.

My thinking about all this is that watching a video review of an artists work is a very efficient way to learn about animation. As usual, I would appreciate any comments, particularly those that suggest ways I could improve upon this idea.

The animation discussed in the video is in the "stepped" blocking stage, and was kindly provided by Asemta Bhattad who can be reached at asemtab@gmail.com


paddygam said...

great review man.........something to get me inspired for the day!!

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this Cameron.
I'm really looking forward to see more reviews.

Quinn said...

Thanks for this! I really like how you're planning on critiquing on several stages of animation, not just finished animation. I find this kind of stuff very educational. I look forward to future iterations!

mattanimation said...

Awesome! I'm sure the rest of these will be just as useful. Thanks!

mads jakobsen said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to make the review, your posts on workflow has always been very informative, and this is just pure gold:)

Angelo Lo Presti said...

Hey Cameron. It is very kind of you to spend your time helping other animators to become better. I really admire your work and your attitude. Way to go man.

Nathan Jones said...

Wow Cameron, thanks for taking the time to put this together dude. I was looking for inspiration to start a new animation and this video has given me some fuel to start so thanks. The feedback you gave was great and clear, should be good help for the animator who has done a good job at such an early stage.
I know how difficult it is to do anything outside of work, so really inspiring stuff.
Look forward to the next one.

Jordi said...

I love it! Really helpful!

Unknown said...

This was awesome. Really really good comments on your part. I liked that you treated the character like it was a real person and discussed what the character could be thinking, the reasoning for the character's actions and how you would change things. I thought your comments were very insightful. I will be watching this again (and again) to try to really understand everything you are saying.

I hope that you will continue to do more critiques in the future :)

Love and rainbows to you! hahaha

Ketan said...

Pure awesomeness... thanks for reminding us again that its all about story..
and definitely one of the best animation blogs there is today..
so looking forward to your next review..

Anonymous said...

great thing Cameron! keep it up!

Nice choice of a scene - "12 angry man" is a great acting reference in the terms of character arc and development for animation!

Olivier Ladeuix said...

great review Cameron. I thought you would only comment on the animation so hearing what you had to say about the staging made me see the shot under a different light. Three quarter views of a character sitting at a desk is well overdone but you are bringing some great suggestion to improve that.