Jun 25, 2009


Go and watch it!

It might spoil the fun if I start talking about what shots I did... hopefully I`ll get time later to do that. For now just load up on nachos and pepsi and go and enjoy it for exactly what it is... awesomeness!


BEADLE said...

#$%@ YEAH !!!

your pal,

SEB said...

such great movie, awesome animation Flip :), every single shot was perfect !!!!!

Animator Trav said...

Wahaaaah! Found yo' blog.

So we never discussed which shots u did? You promised knee squeezes! Hehehe

Russell Laing said...

Hi Cameron, I just saw Transformers 2 and man it was really awesome. Eye candy all the way. I can't wait to see what shots you worked on.
- Russell

Hamilton JĂșnior said...

Hangin' hangin' for your post! :D

Unknown said...

Sure :)

himanish said...

Congratulations, I can imagine how exciting it is like to work on a project like Transformers 2. It's good to know that new animators at ILM are given tough production tasks from day one, so it becomes easy to critique yourself with the output and workflow techniques followed by the senior animators, as everyone is given similar responsibilities. Even though one is expected to learn very fast as he/she continues to work in a challenging manner, I can assume that everyone at ILM feel satisfied and proud of what they have done.

BTW, did you animate the transformers using the high-res model? If not, how did you manage to animate the complex body parts by using a proxy mesh?

How different is it really to animate such a character like Prime, do the animators work out all the pieces of movement in this character or it goes to a "technical animator" to polish the final look for movement of transformations as such, by using dynamics or custom coding?

Mike said...

Watched the movie past Saturday!!..Only one thing to say!! WOOOOOW!!!!!!! Over the top action, funny momments, and some the finest animation I've ever seen! Man, the weighting and the character acting was top-notch. I especialy liked the effort put into the little kitchen scene "Decepticons". They must have been a challenge on their own to animate.
Would definately like more info on this once you have the time and authorization of course ;)
Great job Cameron! Congrats to you and all the ILM team for pulling this off in such a short time.

Respect! ;D

Cameron Fielding said...

himansh.8 -

Thanks for your questions.. they are great questions but i can't answer them in detail i'm afraid. The process was similar to many animation productions where the animators use a much lower resolution "proxy" character to do the core of the animation, then the high res is swapped in at the end.