Nov 22, 2008


I finally got a round to re-posting the Turok Creature Reel. I was asked to put a disclaimer at the foot of the video just to clarify that I`m not showing actual in-game footage. Makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the interest from everyone that mailed to ask me what happened to it. Hopefully the Workflow post should make much more sense now, seeing as you can actually see what I'm referring to!

Creature Reel

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Anonymous said...

I got here looking for the "Getting An Animation Job In Games".
I like it so much that I decided to keep reading the blog.

Now I'm surprised at your participation in Turok!

I saw a presentation of Propaganda in Siggraph Vancouver 08 (April I guess) and I loved your work and the whole presentation (technical and artistical).

It's funny when interesting we see get together :)

Congratulations for all your work and the blog articles.
They are very elucidating and inspiring.

Best regards