Feb 15, 2007

In the Works 1

Here's a few grabs of something I'm working on at home. It's a situational micro short about one guy teaching another inexperienced guy how to stake a vampire. Theres no dialogue, just facial expression and body language to tell the story.

This is gonna be the first real thing I create by working with a properly planned approach. I usually just dive into my animation, working layered and just letting stuff evolve from a loose idea in my mind. This is different. I've planned this thing out pretty detailed with thumbs, and I'm going through blocking my story poses now. To be honest - because I've never really blocked before - it taking me bloody ages. Can't wait to finish the blocking and get stuff moving. With hindsight though, I can't imagine how I would ever do something like this without blocking poses - its too complex otherwise.

It's super proxy right now - the background is totally temp, and the characters are deliberately low detail ( they're actually the same rig ). The grabs below don't really tell the full story at all - I`ve left a fair few chunks out - including the ending, but you a get a rough idea.

I really want to go for subtle animation in nervous versus confident body language, and the contrast between teacher and student. I`ll keep it comedic with broad and quick actions to spice things up a bit, and add some flair.

I plan to fully animate, render and audio track this little monster.. as well as set it all in a nice environment, so if you are reading this keep watching as I work towards finishing it.


David Martinez said...


I'm looking forward to see how it progresses. I like the differences on the body language showing different attitudes for both characters. It's coming along nicely!

Can't wait to see more and more...
BTW... What is this rig ? Did you create it? Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is looking great! I really love the poses you've created, and the camera angle defiantly sets the mood. I really like the shot where he's just about to hit the stake (8th pic down). Really looking forward seeing more updates on this!

Cameron Fielding said...

hey guys... ah man .. updates... yeah those things ;)

thanks for the encouragement

Marin Petrov said...

yep! Nice poses! :) Is this LowMan ?

Cameron Fielding said...


no the rig isn't Lowman. Its one I made myself a while ago now... Ive still yet to see it move !

Unknown said...

Nice, Looks real cool, The poses read very well it has a real cool vibe, and cool looking rig, care to share?


Cameron Fielding said...

Hi Jason,

Yes I'm sure I'll eventually put the rig up for sharing on this blog. To be honest its not a particularly "advanced rig" but its nice to use. I want to complete at least one animation with it though before I post it up...

Nate said...

Looking good. Some nice unique poses that really say alot about the characters intentions.

I especially like the composition of the shots when the character on the left is about to hammer the stake.

Looking forward to an animatic or something :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just discovered your website, great stuff! I was wondering if you would consider doing a post about the methodology of blocking. I'm just starting out and I've heard of blocking before, but don't fully understand the mechanics or theory. I would really appreciate it. Thanks and kudos on a beautiful baby boy!


Olivier Ladeuix said...

are you still working on this Cameron? I would have loved to see how this went! You already had a great story in those few stills!