Dec 21, 2006

Little box of tricks

Here's something I really recommend. I've been building a book of images that inspire my animation... mostly images of dynamic and well crafted poses, or characters that emote certain attitudes or ideas. I've found it hugely useful when planning the animation I`m currently working on at home.. so much so that I intend to fill the whole book and take it with me as ammo whenever I need to animate anything.

All of the images are from the Internet. I built a template page in photoshop that's set to the size of the pages in the book, then all I have to do is fill it with clippings from stuff I find, print them out, and stick them in.

One of the best things about this process is the exploration. You get to see some of the mind blowing talent that lies almost anonymously on the Internet, and you get to learn a little from these great artists, and capture it.

My plan is to fill another book with my own drawings... but that's for another day.

( note: this work isn't my own. As I add to this blog, I will update my links to where these little gems were discovered )


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Two questions Cameron...
1) Can you please direct me to the site for the images from top left? The ones with the female figure drawings.
2) What are the top right images about and from (i.e. creature-like hand)?

Thanks a lot buddy! Keep up with the great work.

Cameron Fielding said...

- The figure drawings are Glen Keane's.. i think i got them from Animation Archive but to be honest I really don't remember.

Continuing the "i have no memory" theme, the creature like hands are actually the hands of a newborn baby, but unfortunatley I cannot remember where I got them from. Sorry for the lame response.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt response Cameron. Really appreciate the info you're sharing on this site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron

i think u got those female figure drawings from

BTW i really appreciate all your inputs...pls keep them coming ;-)

suzanne Kaufman said...

Where do you get your books printed?

Cameron Fielding said...

hello suzanne...

The pictures in the book are all just cut out and stuck in. I bought a blank book with a lot of pages from an art store.. and i have a little template in photoshop that represents a double page spread, so I just cut and past stuff into that, print it, then cut it out super roughly and stick them in!