Dec 23, 2006


Look at how well drawn these hands are. They're all by the legendary Milt Kahl. These images are from three Disney features - Robin Hood, the Jungle Book and The Sword in the Stone, with the latter being one of the best films for hand drawing and animation I think I have ever seen. 2D or 3D, we should all be trying to push for shapes and poses in our hands like these masterpieces below:

( I compiled these from screen captures over at Animation Archive... they have some great resources there )

Something seems to be getting lost today in CG animated hands. They seem too constrained by the rigging or the models, and just don't seem to be able to deliver the contrast of curves and angles that you see in these pictures. I'm sure this will be something that improves dramatically over the next few years as more processes for "shaping" and sculpting rigs rather than just posing them becomes more commonplace. I saw a frame from Disney's new "Meet the Robinsons" and it had a pretty good hand pose in it...


Unknown said...

hey Cameron great start to your blog.....I relly dig the vibe you got going on....nice post as well really dig the Hands

going to drop you a link on my Blog..


You have a new reader...keep rock'n it out..

John O'Connell Concept and Visual Development Artist said...

Milt could draw hands doing things so well because his own hands could do things so well, like, he could relate, get it.